appealsWe firmly believe that the assessors must treat all taxpayers fairly and equitably. When it comes to our clients, we will go to bat for you to ensure that is the case! We win our appeals because we already have the documentation and understanding of the jurisdictional regulations.  It almost seems unfair to the jurisdiction attempting to levy taxes we disagree with on our clients’ behalf.  Our experience and understanding of a jurisdiction’s codes and regulations help to limit your exposure. We know where all of the puzzle pieces are and how to put them together.

  • Exceptional ROI – average of 10-15%
  • No blanket approach!  Precision appeals to limit the clients’ exposure to negative jurisdictional impact.
  • We are the team to turn to when you are in need of a partner who truly understands your business.  We know our clients’ assets from an Apple computer to a lathe and everything in between.  Most importantly, we know the jurisdiction’s codes to make doubly sure you are not overpaying your property tax bills.

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