Henry Klosky

Henry Klosky

Being a CPA doesn’t define me.  I did start my public accounting career in the tax department of a Big Eight Firm and moved to an airport concessionaire company doing State tax, Property tax, and federal/local licensing.  My path then lead me to big, international firms and this is where my love for Property Taxes took off.  There are both a science and a human interaction side to property tax which made me understand my drive.  Numbers are great, but the people are what truly make the work enjoyable.

I love that I have been able to blend the knack I had for taxes, which began back in college, with the other parts of my life.  I grew up in Memphis and appreciate soccer, airplanes, music, dance, BBQ, computers, cycling, hiking, art and film. I have found that nature provides prospective and beauty.  Like I said, being a CPA doesn’t define me, although my wife does have a tee shirt that says, “I Love Nerds!”

I love my job at CTC, as I get to help our clients on their journey to feel more secure in their work.   I am there not just as a number cruncher, but also as an interesting person to reach out to when I am needed.  Maybe someday we will meet on a trail at 10,000 feet and we will agree that it is both the numbers and the people that truly make life interesting.

Henry Klosky
Vice President

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