Shanika Johnson

Shanika Johnson

A simple truth that I discovered early in life is that people can say anything, but the numbers usually don’t lie.  Shortly thereafter, I got my first paycheck and another harsher truth was realized…that just about everyone, everything, and every place is subject to taxation.  After twelve years in this profession, I have found both of these notions to remain true, yet providing relief to our clients when the hassle of taxes is imminent brings me great fulfillment.  While my journey into adulthood may have begun on the path of chemical engineering at Rose-Hulman, I was fortunate enough to recognize early on that the world of tax and accounting is my fit.  In this career of systems and ethics, which occasionally requires a bit of out of the box thinking to unify the big picture with the minutia, it is the combination of order and innovation that I love most about what I do. It’s awesome, and at times I even get to impart some of what I learn into organizing my life as the mother of four.  There is NEVER a dull moment in taxes or at home, but there is ALWAYS fun to be had in both.

Shanika Johnson
Senior Consultant

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